Magic happens in many ways

What to expect

Getting married in Australia is a legal process and there are tasks that every couple and their celebrant must complete, and rules that must be observed, for a marriage to be valid.

There are also particular words that must be said by the celebrant to marry you. However, everything else that is said and done at your ceremony is completely up to you and your celebrant. Your wedding ceremony starts with you and what type of ceremony you want;

Every couple is different and so is every ceremony.

As your celebrant, I am very flexible in my approach to ensure a ceremony that meets your exact requirements. My fees are based on the time that I will spend preparing and delivering your ceremony and the equipment I will use.

You may want to be married legally, with the least amount of input and preparation, or you may want the most lavish of weddings, with a ceremony that is an incredible, fun and meaningful experience designed just for you!

Whatever ceremony style you choose, your wedding ceremony by Tonia will be warm, fun and heartfelt, touched with the magic of love.

I offer an obligation-free catch up where we can chat about your requirements and different ceremony options. This is a great opportunity for me to get to know you, share ideas and possibilities, and to answer any questions that you might have.

Ceremony styles

As a starting point, I offer three experiences to help you consider an approach that meets your wishes and your budget. Your ceremony style might be one of these or somewhere in between.

Sweet and Simple

Magic is made in the stolen moments of love, warmth and sincerity $490

This ‘elopement style’ ceremony is for those couples who have simple requirements for their marriage, and a small number of attendees (generally less than 20). This no fuss option is a short, warm and heartfelt ceremony and will save you time, effort and stress. Perfect for those on a budget.


Magical moments and memories are created from start to finish $699

A personal experience that promises to create a connection between the celebrant, you and your guests. This ceremony will be full of fun, love and meaning and packed with all the ‘feels’. Using a tailored ceremony design method, your marriage will be uniquely ‘you’.

Made to Measure

Magic abounds in the unexpected and the beautiful $899

A very exclusive ceremony to take you and your family and friends on an engaging, unique and sincere journey, based on your personality, love story and aspirations. An extraordinary celebration of your love, this ceremony will be the highlight of your wedding day.